Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Don't Judge A Book By Its Genre

I learned this lesson a few of years ago, and now that Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore is out, the final in her trilogy, I thought I’d share that lesson with you all.

A few years ago, I’d never read any fantasy. For some reason – to this day I still don’t know why – I had it in my mind that I wouldn’t like fantasy. I thought it wouldn’t be to my taste, and that it wasn’t my type of book. Which was naive and incredibly silly of me, because how did I know fantasy wasn’t to my taste? I hadn’t read any! 

So, one day I stumbled across a book by Kristin Cashore called Graceling. I read the blurb, which sounded interesting, so I started to read through the first chapters. Eventually, I found myself reading far too much in the bookstore, and decided to take the book home. 

Now, I have no idea why I ever rejected fantasy. I love Cashore’s work. Fire, the second book by Cashore and the prequel in many ways to Graceling, was fantastic. Now, after three long years of waiting, Bitterblue is finally out! My copy is in the British Royal Mail system somewhere, waiting to be delivered to me from Amazon. 

I should have never tried to reject fantasy because of its genre. We may all have different tastes – for example, I don’t like reading horror novels because they terrify me – but I can see why many people do like horror. But it was wrong for me to simply limit myself when actually, I might have taken away my chance to experience something great. 

Currently I’m in the midst of re-reading Fire (Graceling was even better than I remembered!) and I cannot wait for my copy of Bitterblue. I’m sure it’ll be wonderful, if the fantastic reviews I’ve been hearing about it are true, which I wouldn’t doubt for a second. 

Have you ever judged a book because of its genre? Like me, have you ever been proved wrong about a book you expected not to like?

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