Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Note on Disappointment and Pressing On

I'm posting this from my phone, so apologies for any mistakes! This post is a little anecdotal, but I promise it is somewhat related to writing.

I'm currently on holiday, and it's something I've been looking forward to for quite some time. However, there has been plenty which has gone wrong. The weather has been temperamental to say the least (I am on holiday in Britain after all), and I've managed to come down with an awful illness which has been really getting me down.

It's so disappointing when things don't turn out how you've planned. But this experience is simply a reminder that I can't predict nor guess at what the future will hold. That can apply for simple things, such as what my health will be like when I'm on holiday, or more serious things such as what the future will hold.

I do plan on being a published writer in the future. But there will be a lot of disappointment; a lot of rejection; a lot of things not turning out as planned. I can't say it isn't upsetting or that it never gets me down, because that simply isn't true. I am disappointed that I haven't been able to enjoy my holiday as much as possible because of the weather and being ill. But there isn't much I can do. I can only press on, and hope for the best. And that goes for my writing career too.

Have you had a disappointing, unexpected experience lately? I sincerely hope you haven't, but if you have, you know what they say: misery loves company!


  1. Fiona! I'm so sorry you are not well...especially on vacation!

    Yes, I've certainly had to learn to manage the emotions that come with things not turning out just as I had imagined and/or planned. Sometimes keeping my sails full has been difficult during the doldrums of pursuing a career in writing. But, having hung in there long enough, I've come to realize that if we can let go of our exact expectations, sometimes something we didn't exactly expect (but is still progress towards our goal) shows up. I try to keep the goal and desire of what I want ever in front of me...but I now realize it may materialize in ways I never could have imagined.

    Feel better soon.

    1. I too have learnt from experience (and not just this one!) that it's better not to set up exact expectations. Things will never turn out exactly as you plan and it only leads to disappointment. It's far better after all to be surprised and happy at a positive turn in your life than be resentful that it hasn't happened in the way you wanted!

      The biggest challenge I face is to try and remain positive. I'm very inclined to pessimism, but I know it's much better for me in the long run to push past it and stay positive about future prospects. Like you said, I can't possibly imagine what might materalise in the future, and I shouldn't try to guess!

      Thanks, Rebecca, and hopefully this illness clears away soon!

  2. I love this post, Fiona. I, too, have been going through some extremely difficult things as of late. But I keep coming back to the realization that my commitment to becoming a published writer can't grow lax despite the setbacks. Sometimes we need to take a little break to get more important things in order, but then we need to regroup and get back in the game 100%. So this post was the perfect thing for me to read today. By the way, I tagged you in The Lucky Seven Challenge on my blog today: :-)

    1. I'm sorry you are going through some difficult times, but at least the bad times really make us appreciate the good. You're completely right; even when things get hard we can't simply throw everything else out the window. We have to get on with it, even if things aren't like we want them to be. I'm really glad you liked it, and once again I hope things start looking up for you soon!