Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lucky Number Seven - Erase

I was tagged by the wonderful Kathryn Purdie, and it’s great timing because it gives me a chance to show you all what I’ve been working on recently. A few weeks ago I posted about an idea which struck me. Well, this WIP isn’t anything to do with that first idea at all. Ideas, being fickle little things, dried up for this first idea and instead randomly presented me with a shiny new idea. So I’ve been running with it.

The rules of the Lucky Number Seven tag are this. Basically, go to line seven of your WIP and share seven lines. You are also meant to tag seven people, but you know my reaction to tagging by now – if you want to do this yourself feel free to!

For a little bit of background, it’s YA and is set in a distant future. In this world, technology reigns supreme. Virtual wardrobes can change your entire look in an instant; holoscreens provide you with all the information you could ever need; and most importantly, every family owns an E-Raze, a small device which can get rid of any memory you choose. But should anybody have the power to erase their memories? Should they want to? 

This is taken from line seven of my WIP, Erase.


Lake turned to her E-Raze in the corner, a bright pink technological spectacle. The virtual wardrobe could do many things, but it couldn’t change her E-Raze from the gaudy pink she’d wanted when she was twelve.
“See,” Lake sighed, “that’s something they didn’t think about with the E-Raze; they should have made it so that when you E-Raze something, everybody else E-Razes it too.”
“Yeah, but it usually happens on both sides anyway, like with you and Lan.”
I turned to Rani in bewilderment. “If something happened with Lan you know I wouldn’t have E-Razed it, I’m practically in love with him.”
Rani looked down at the floor, and silence filled the room.


It seems short, and I realise the first few lines are confusing since it seems to change subject a little, but I promise it makes sense in the context of the entire conversation! Before the start of this paragraph Lake and her friend Rani are reflecting on an embarrassing moment which was shared with another person, hence why she makes that statement. Later it emerges that Lake has E-Razed something incredible about her and Lan...

I really hope you like it! As always, feel absolutely free to critique – any comments are welcome! I’m having a lot of fun with this project, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. 

Are you working on a WIP right now? If you are, what are you working on?


  1. Ooh, I'm really intrigued by this and already dying to know what critical memory Lake erased, which had to do with her and Lan. Super cool excerpt. Thanks so much for sharing and good luck drafting this new novel!

    1. Thank you! It means so much that you would come and check out my writing, Kathryn, so I'm really glad you tagged me. Thanks; this one might just be a keeper!

  2. This sounds really awesome :) Hmm, I wonder what must have happened between Lake and Lan, and why it's been erased. A really interesting story line!

    1. Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it!