Saturday, 11 August 2012

Stand Out Posts and Liebster Blog Award

Hello! I realise I’ve been essentially missing in action for the last week, and I apologise. I’ve been on holiday so I didn’t have a decent internet connection, and I’ve had a lot on my mind. But just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading people’s blogs (everybody should have Google Reader on their smartphone!). So, in the spirit of Nathan Bransford’s This Week in Books, I’m going to link to five posts which I’ve loved over the last week or two. 

Ilima at ka’oa: tell a fanciful tale is asking When Is Done Really Done? She’s recently acquired an agent and is going back over her manuscript, and I imagine it’s a question we’ve all thought about at one point or another

Nathan Bransford is highlighting the disparity between male and female writers in YA with the post Why Do Women Dominate YA?

On Rachelle Gardner’s blog, guest blogger Jessica Knauss looks at the Pros and Cons of Small Presses

Justine Larbalestier highlights how even professional, long-established writers still have trouble starting a new project in Getting Started 

Natalie Whipple has an amazing post on the Publishing Pipeline – a must see for anybody with questions about time scales in publishing! Check out the comments too since there’s a lot of extra information to be found 

I hope you learn something from these posts, or if not, at least pick up a new blog or two to follow! How has your summer (or winter in Bonnee’s case!) been going? Have you been busy too?


Bonnee gave me the Liebster Blog Award (thank you!), so here are the rules:

1.      Post a link to your nominator’s blog with some information on her
2.      Share 11 facts about yourself
3.      Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers (instead, since I never nominate people, feel free to have the award from me if you have under 200 followers!)

Bonnee is an absolutely lovely person from Australia. She blogs at The Blogging of an Aspiring Writer, she’s currently studying after the quake by Haruki Murakami, and she hopes to publish with her novel, Evergreen: A Fallen Star

Now, here are my facts!

1.      I get my A level results next Thursday as well as finding out whether I’m going to university, and I’m quite scared
2.      I still haven’t finished If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller by Italo Calvino
3.      I got an iPhone 4S last Monday and I’m loving it!
4.      I’ve really loved the Olympics. I thought that London would never compare to Beijing (which may sound quite traitorous since I live next to London!) but surprisingly it has
5.      I wear contacts, and although when I first got them I only wanted them for special occasions, I’ve taken to them far better than I would have expected!
6.      Today I made a massive achievement in eating my five fruit and veg a day
7.      I haven’t actually been writing recently, which has been awful of me, but I feel like once results day is out of the way I’ll be much more inclined to write again
8.      I can’t stand lasagne
9.      I’m a Starbucks person. I’ve never bought anything in Costa Coffee – as sad as it may sound I feel like I would be betraying Starbucks
10.  I love following American politics. I’m more clued up on American politics right now than I am about British politics. American politics is far more interesting and engaging
11.  I'm over 1000 page views, which is wonderful. Thank you to everybody who follows and reads my blog!


  1. I never had enough patience to get used to my contact lenses. I gave up within two weeks and just stuck to my glasses. I only need them for reading though, so I don't have to worry about wearing them to special occasions.

    How can you not like lasagna? When I was a kid, it was every OTHER type of pasta I couldn't stand, but I always loved lasagna... Lol :)

    Good luck with your results!!!!!!

    1. It does take a while to get used to them. I'm pretty much OK with them now, although last night I had a nightmare trying to get one of them out! I have one eye where it always takes longer to get the lense in and out than the other eye, but last night it took so long! My sight isn't that great, so it's nice to wear my contacts and see everything clearly all day - my glasses give me a headache if I wear them for too long.

      For some reason I'm really repulsed by lasagne! Even the smell of it makes me feel sick, let alone trying to eat it. It's just one of those things I guess!

      Thank you! I really hope they go well; everything seems to rest on them at the moment!